"Ken, Jan here, we skied together thur & fri last week........firstly, just to say it's made a real difference, have that 'lightness" back and am actually looking for the bumps and the uneven and chopped up terrain....in fact, I've become "playful" again on my skis (I'm seeking out the little tree-tracks together with my 9 yr old -- and leading him into them!!). Big credit to your patience and clear teaching."
San Francisco

"Hi Ken,
Just wanted you to know how thrilled Christina and I are with the fabulous lesson you gave us and the book you sold us!
Your pointers and cues are still stuck firmly in our brains and now seem to pop up when needed.  We've been skiing a variety including powder, moguls and groomers and if I do say so, we are getting better!
Thanks and hope to see you again on the slopes. For our next lesson we'll be asking for you!"
John & Christina

"Dear Ken,
We truly appreciate your patience, your expertise and especially your ability to convey information in such an understandable manner. We all feel like we've learned a lot. Many Thanks!"
Elaine, Mike, Daniele, Corky

"To:  lesson@whistlerblackcomb.com
I have taken a number of private lessons over the years and today's with Ken was a real breakthrough and absolutely the best one I have ever had.   I explained to him my issues and at the end of the day I can say what a marvelous teacher he is and how he has invigorated my enjoyment of this sport and helped me to gain real confidence in my skiing technique and has removed all fear of moguls, heckbring them on!   Ifeel like I look like a real skier for the first time in my 50 year career of skiing.  Not only do I feel I ski better and look better, I know I am skiing well and doing it with a lot less effort.  Wow what a wonderful feeling and experience.  thank you Ken, you are a real professional,  sincerely"  
Ken Coit
Northern California

"To: Director, Whistler Ski School,
During the Whistler Foundation event last weekend, our group had an opportunity to ski with Ken Chaddock, a level 3 ski instructor on Whistler Mountain (ski with a Pro Day, January 28).  And while I have been able to "make it down the hill" for many decades (too many), Ken proved an inspiration to what "could be".  He gave us a lesson based on his excellent book, which I still keep by my bedside so that I can refer to it before a big snow day.  
It was a day where we started off with very straightforward and very basic instruction on balance and stance.  And while these exercises seemed rudimentary, they made all the difference later in the day.  His instruction was straightforward; only 4 things to remember, and do.  Of course, we were all itching to "just take us to interesting stuff", but his patience with us, and discipline were exactly what was required.  It underpinned a very understandable and practicable style.
Because by the afternoon, all of us were different, and much better skiers. And we did some "VERY interesting stuff".   Some of us (like me) had epiphanies—as close to religious experiences as one can have on the snow.  (Ken should open an Ashram).  His example was tremendous.  He does not ski so much as "dance".  Over the next 3 days, in whiteouts, ice or packed powder; by practicing the principles he espoused, I was able to "let the skis go", and feel the snow.  What a great experience it continues to be.
Ken embodies all the joy, skill and enthusiasm that epitomize the Whistler experience.  I keep recommending him to any enthusiast; expert or novice.  What a great teacher!  And thank you for a wonderful day!"
West Vancouver, Canada

"To: Whistler Snow School,
We had purchased a "how to ski" book @ the Armchair Bookstore last year and wanted to get to know the author. How better than take a full-day lesson with him. We asked for Ken Chaddock at the ski school and were booked for a private lesson. We can't say enough about our excellent days with Ken. We saw more of the mountains, skied longer days and explored areas we would have considered out of our league. And we have photos to prove it. Thanks for the dream vacation!!!!"
John and Linda
Newport Beach, California

“I first met Ken on the slopes of Whistler – it was my first day on skis and Ken was my instructor. Ken took me through the basics of skiing, using the techniques he describes in his book. The lesson was a series of building blocks that led to the highlight of my day – parallel skiing down a green run that had several blue sections in it, from the top of Whistler Mountain to the bottom, an achievement that I credit to Ken’s teaching and his understanding of the mechanics behind skiing.
If you don’t have the opportunity to have Ken as your instructor and you want to learn the right way to ski, buy the book!”
Sydney, Australia

"Ken I would just like to thank you for restoring my confidence and getting me back on skis!
You will recall that I am a novice skier and in my recent holiday to Whistler I took a tumble on the first day and decided enough was enough!
After some persuasion I had a lengthy private session with you. During the course of this lesson you displayed such patience and understanding as well as wonderful teaching skills that you managed to salvage the remaining 7 days of my holiday by getting me back on the slopes and actually enjoying it!
Once again many thanks and I certainly intend to have more coaching with you when we come over again."
Carlisle, UK

“Hello Ken,
Just to let you know that after our lesson, Alberto, Daniel and myself spent our last day in Whistler skiing and practicing what you said would improve our skiing and guess what? We did improve! Thank you so much. We go to Whistler every winter and we are definitely looking forward to next season. We are reading your book and find it very easy to understand, keep in mind that we live in a country without snow...”
Alberto, Verania and Daniel
Mexico City

"Hey Ken,
Thank you so much for making this trip amazing, I've learned so much from you and it's been great to get to know you!  I hope I return to Whistler soon and get to ski more with you!  If not, I'm sure the rest of our family will be back soon!”
Malibu, California