"I had the pleasure of skiing with Ken for 3 full days this season.  The first 2 days were in small group lessons and the third day was one-on-one.  Anyone who has skied with Ken will know that he has a beautiful fluid style that looks effortless.  And anyone who has skied with me will know that I do not.  Ken showed me a few simple things, and then some more things to build on those.  I won’t claim to have undergone a miraculous transformation overnight, but by the end of those 3 days a transformation was well underway.  I was much more poised, confident and balanced.  I was also skiing faster (with technique comes speed) and think I looked like a real skier for the first time in my life (at least it felt that way).  Ken has given me some basic techniques which are definitely working.  I bought a copy of Ken’s book.  It’s an amazing little volume.  Only 100 pages in length but incredibly information-rich.  It can’t be skimmed.  I think it should be read in front of a full length mirror with poles in hands.  Thanks Ken for some great skiing and hoping to take up where we left off next season."