So glad I got this book!!

the_idler "the_idler" (UK)

April 3, 2012

This book is extremely well written. The pictures and diagrams superbly complement the text, it must have taken much time and thought to ensure that the explanations come through to the reader and, certainly for me, they did so in the most effective way. The text of the book flows so well and is to the point and did not overly discuss unless good reason dictated it so.

I took it for my Ski vacation and found it very rewarding as I progressed through the book and put into practice the knowledge gained by reading, skiing, reviewing and progressing further each day. I feel like I have 'shortcutted' through very many weeks of progress and usually skiing only one/two weeks a year; that's very many years for me. I was heartened by an uninvited complement near the end of my ski vacation. It was from an expert skier who said that I was on course and had very good form.

I'm certainly going to re-read this book next year and very much look forward to applying further the 'ski-intel' contained in the book.

If you are anything like me and need to gain the proper theory, the insight and are perhaps a little confused by the sometimes seemingly conflicting ski advice/instruction you have received I would highly recommend this publication. In short - buy it - buy it now. I am so glad I did.


Great book for those with eagerness, dedication and a reasonably objective sense of self


January 27, 2011

I found this book based on the title, read as much as I could from the previews and than ordered it express for the rest of it. Of course it cannot replace a good teacher, but there aren't too many of those around, so this book, a sense of your own capabilities and a dose of dedication will definitely boost your alpine skiing career. 

The book is fun to read, repeats over and over again without ever feeling repetitive and thereby succeeds in delivering its message: how skiing works if done well. The style, explaining how something should work and feel while skiing works perfectly for me. 


The physics behind the dance

Review by G. D. Maxwell of the book How I Ski: Expert Alpine Skiing Demystified!  (condensed)

December 23, 2010

Skiing is a sport/pastime/obsession best savoured at an increasingly sophisticated level of skill and there's a predictable feedback loop: the better you ski, the more you ski; the more you ski, the better you get.

I came to skiing late in life, a full-grown adult with absolutely no ski experience.

Being a late skier, I took full advantage of free ski lessons offered to Whistler Blackcomb employees, taking well over 100. Not all of them were great. The ones I didn't care for weren't bad lessons, they just didn't speak to me in the language I need to learn.

I don't learn through mimicry. I need to understand. I want to know the physics behind making skis do what I want them to do in the same way I want to know more about what makes a car go and stop than just right pedal, left pedal.

Ken explains that.

Coming from an engineering background, Ken explains the physics of dynamic balance, edge control, momentum, the graceful dance of rhythm and flow and the interrelationship of body position, centre of gravity and fore-aft pressuring through the arc of interconnected turns.

While his barbell and magic carpet metaphors may not speak to me, his science does and that alone made it worth the time to read his book and take some of his tips up the hill. If you're still struggling to dance the dance and you think the reason may be too shallow an understanding of the, admittedly, bizarre forces at work while skiing, Ken may just make it all a little clearer for you as well.