If you wish to transform your skiing and to ski with power and confidence on all ski terrain, the book ‘Ski Well Simply’ can help you reach your goals. With clear, well-reasoned insights based on teaching and analyses of effective ski technique, Ken Chaddock has developed his Align/Balance/Coil (ABC) sequence for carving optimal ski turns. Coupled with a detailed understanding of the biomechanics involved, Ken explains how to set up skis and body geometry to exploit the forces generated throughout the carved ski turn, in order to ski powerfully and efficiently. Sections focussing on each of A, B and C, are followed by how to link clean, carved turns into a safe and exhilarating ride down the mountain. There is something for every level of skier from neophyte bomber through seasoned tail-slider to expert. I particularly liked how Ken’s insights can lead to self-analysis of one’s skiing and he provides an extensive set of drills and tips to help cure typical skiing problems.  This book is a highly recommended read plus a primer for every ski season.

Al Fife, Vancouver, BC