“Here’s a book that breaks down the mechanics of skiing into simple terms. In my many years of racing and coaching I have heard methodologies, philosophies and theories of all sorts, but Ken’s way of sharing his tips, insights and analogies is like sitting on the chair with him between runs, chatting skiing. He captures the essence and thrill of fluid, fast, fun skiing – but without the downhill suit – in a simple and informative way for easy understanding by skiers at all skill levels.”

Rob Boyd ChPC
Sport Development Manager, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Speed Coach, Canadian Alpine Ski Team
World Cup Downhill winner

“If you’re looking for a simpler way to ski, read this book! If you think you know everything about skiing, read this book. This book takes you through Ken’s straightforward approach towards skiing in all conditions and all turn shapes. His approach is not designed for the elite world cup athlete who is in top physical condition and skiing on the latest racing skis. His approach is designed for the common skier who wants to go out and experience the joy and freedom of skiing. The simple fact is that the more you know about skiing the more this book will melt your mind as you think through Ken’s well thought out approach to skiing.

The mountain can be your own playground with an endless possibility of thrills and experiences. This book will help you get there!!”

Willy Raine
Canadian Olympic Ski Cross Gold Medalist Coach
Canadian Olympic Alpine Skier

“Ken Chaddock is one of the rare skiers who can relate the act of skiing to engineering and physics and translate it to understandable thoughts. An accomplished skier himself it upholds his teachings that he started skiing as an adult and has used his own tactics to learn the art far greater than most. I applaud the skier and his book.”

Chris Kent
Canada Alpine Ski Team 1979-1986
Lifelong skier

"Ken's account of how he skis is thorough, exact and well depicted.  He shares many insights, techniques and tips for the curious skier who is eager to improve."

Mark Anderson
Racing coach, Whistler Mountain Ski Club & Dave Murray Ski Camps
Canadian Alpine Ski Team Alumnus

"Ken's thorough insight into how he skis and what he feels is very informative and enlightening. Several times, I found myself nodding in agreement with Ken's thoughts and philosophy towards skiing. There are so many great ideas and hints in this book and I'm sure I will refer to it often. I specifically enjoyed the "What to Try" sections. The use of diagrams and illustrations also help the reader to further understand Ken's comments and ideas. I feel that skiers of all abilities will benefit from reading Ken's book."

Tomio Fukumura
Alpine Race Coach
Head Coach Masters Program, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Former Japanese National Team Coach - Men's World Cup SL Team

“I enjoyed reading Ken's book. I found it easy to read and understand; it contains many unique ideas expressed with carefully chosen words that describe skiing in ways that I haven’t found in other ski books.

I recommend it for anyone interested in skiing…and learning English!”

Akiko Takemoto
Professional Ski Instructor, SIA, Level 4 CSIA
Japan and Whistler Blackcomb